[TOKYO ’16] Date with the Hedgehogs

Planning a trip to Tokyo? Then, you must not miss out on a date with the hedgehogs!

Worried that this prickly little creature might hurt you? Not convinced that they are REALLY REALLY UNBELIEVABLY CUTE? Look below.

Catch more photos over here

Still NOT convinced? Watch it punchhhhhhhhhh!!! 

The Harry’s cafe, also known as, Harinezumi cafe, is a charming little cafe located right below its sister pet cafe, Ms Bunny Cafe. If you have difficulty locating Harry’s cafe on your google maps, perhaps you could instead located Ms Bunny Cafe. Being established a tad longer, there are definitely much more blog posts that offer detailed directions to reach Ms Bunny Cafe. But please do not get me wrong, these cafes are definitely easy to get by via Tokyo’s well-mapped, extensive subway lines (1 min walk from Roppongi Station) albeit it could be a tiny search for the actual location along the shophouses. If my memory did not fail me, it is one of the shophouses a lane from the main shopping street.

The cafe begins at 12pm daily and I would strongly suggest for you to be there EARLY. Speaking from my sole experience, a long queue had formed by the time the cafe opens. Reservation is available which I will elaborate in the next paragraph. As I had visited during the HOT summer in August, the queue was formed under the scorching sun. You definitely wouldn’t want to be waiting under the sun! However, to make the wait more bearable, the staffs of Harry’s cafe had provided umbrellas for their customers to protect against the unforgiving UV rays. Japan and its perfect hospitality culture had impressed me once again for the umpteenth time!!

When you enter the cafe, you would be guided to a seat then requested to make your payment for the visit. I had visited on a weekday, the cost of visit was 1000yen/30minutes which was approximately S$12. For reservation, you would have a priority queue but a minimum visit of 1hour is required i.e min at 2000yen/S$24. Reservation can be made through their official website. ALSO, be conscious of your own time as the staff may not inform you when your time is up. Overtime charges will be calculated according to the relevant intervals.

Upon making your payment, you will be guided by their staff to pick a hedgehog of your choice. How did I pick? Colour! For some unknown reason, I had a particularly liking for brown hedgehogs. These hedgehogs are housed in tanks, similar to hamsters, before they are “picked”.


After you have picked your hedgehog, the staff would bring it over to your seat and place it in a card box that is unique for each customer. Pet it, or sayang it, gently. If you are not confident of doing it the right way, there are instructions pasted against the wall right before you. Else, do not be afraid to approach the friendly staff who are relatively well-versed in english!

If you would like a change of hedgehog, you may approach the staff as well. All is well if you treat these little cuties with gentle care! The staffs present are well-aware of the personalities of each hedgehog to recommend you or advise against any hedgehog. During my visit, I had overheard a staff advising against one particular hedgehog which bites. So, listen and don’t gei kiang (i.e do not be a smart alec).

Be warned that time spent with the little cuties do fly past really quickly. As a matter of hygiene, do clean your hands with the provided antiseptic before you leave.

And that’s all that I have to share from my date with the hedgehog! Feel free to drop me an email at breathetolivee@gmail.com if you have any queries, I would love to answer your queries to the best of my knowledge.

Have a great day ~





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