She fear darkness. She fear darkness for it robs her of her vision. She fear darkness for it casts uncertainty. She fear darkness for it engulfs her.

The night sky has again fallen, and darkness has set in the city. Here she is in her room with lights turned on but her heart is nothing but darkness. She doesn’t see the light at the end of the path. But again, is she on the path? Even if she is, is she on the right path? Where is she? And most importantly, who is she?

She thought she had gotten better. She thought that void in the heart had been filled. I thought she was happy. She supposed she was genuinely happy but that state of joy was utmostly fragile. It took months for the heart to gain strength but yet only a couple of days to crumble, yet again.

What happens during life after death? When the pair of eyes that was once filled with hope closes, would one experience darkness? Or would one finally be alleviated from all her/his pain?

The search for answer continues. The journey to make peace with oneself continues.


ps: In the summer of 2016, I had visited Mapo Bridge in Seoul, aka Suicide bridge. I had updated a gallery of my visit with a short blogpost of thoughts. Hope over to click if you would like to read/see. 



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