An Escapade to Johor Bahru

Travelling to Malaysia without parents – Checked ✔️

For some, this might seem like no biggie but it is indeed a real deal for me. Okay, it does sound like a joke given that I was away in Korea for a month before scrambling my way through Japan for another 10 days.

Cut the crap, let’s get to the real topic of the dayyyy – Cafe hopping in JB!

How to cross the causeway?

Getting to the checkpoint:

  1. Catch a bus from Woodlands interchange (856, 903, 911, 912, 913) to get to Woodlands Checkpoint. Comparatively, some buses do take a longer route. For detailed information on the bus routes, please kindly GOOGLE. I believe you will be able to reap something off from the internet 🙂 For me, I am less bothered by the bus route and will instead hop onto whichever bus service that comes first.
  2. Take the private buses such as Causeway buses from Queensway/Kranji/Newton or Johor Bahru Express from Queensway terminal. Cost of bus fare to be paid in cash and a physical ticket will be issued. Please KEEP the ticket.  (FYI: Ticket cost to be paid in SGD for the to-trip and RM for the fro-trip)
  3. Cab/Car

After clearing the Singapore customs:

If you had taken the private buses, head over and join the respective queues. Flash your bus ticket that you had paid and you would not be required to pay any additional fare. For the rest, you can choose to take either the public buses (950, 160, 170) or private buses. Public buses can be paid using ezlink while private buses would require cash. According to my experience, amongst the public bus services , 170 has the highest frequency, followed by 160 then 950. 

If the queue for the buses is crazy, you might want to consider walking across the causeway. Yes, this may sound insane but the queues for buses can be real CRAZYYY as well. You definitely wouldn’t want to experience it but there were several occasions when the bus bay was COMPLETELY FILLED with humans. HOWEVER, I am not entirely sure if walking across the causeway is legal. As far as I know, Malaysia does not welcome the act of walking across the causeway. Nevertheless, in times of crazy crowd, many still opt across the causeway by foot.

Be warn that there pedestrian path ends somewhere along the causeway and you would be walking along the road to reach the Malaysia checkpoint.

After clearing the Malaysia customs:

Simply follow the route and it will lead you to Citysquare and Komtar JBCC shopping mall. Along the way, there is also a mini bus bay that has a shuttle bus which can bring you to KSL mall at a small fee.

Getting to the cafes

Here’s my simple guide for your reference:

  1. Get into Citysquare shopping mall (the one on your left hand side after you completely exit from the customs) and head to level 1.
  2. Look for Macdonalds, then walk towards the photo printing shop that is in close proximity to Macdonalds.
  3. Exit from the mall. The exit should be situated between UOB and Maybank.
  4. Head straight from the exit while looking out for a Hindu temple on the right side of the road.
  5. Cross the road once you see the Hindu temple
  6. Again, head straight in the direction against the position of Citysquare until you see a big red overarching pillar??

AND you are on your own! The cafes that have frequently been mentioned on various food sites and blogs are found scattered around that district.

Citysquare Shopping Mall

After cafe-hopping, we headed back to the mall for a movie, light shopping and took neoprene at the arcade. I know i knowww that neoprene is no longer in trend but for keepsake and it’s relatively cheap (RM13) then why not?

WARNING: Watch your stuff and never be complacent. Do not leave your belongings within the photo booth while you decorate your photo even though your items may literally be a few footsteps away. Regardless, carry your items with you and keep them within sight. 

As mentioned, we caught a movie at the mall too! I think our tickets were RM13 bucks each. As we had taken seats that were nearer to the screen, it wasn’t the most comfortable movie experience given that the seats were not optimally angled. Just a reminder, outside food is strictly not allowed within the theatre. Do not be surprise if you are asked to open your bag for a brief check and requested to leave your food in a locker, outside the theatre.

Yup, that’s all for nowwww 🙂 Byeeeee ~




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