2017 – Promises to myself

Yet another year has crept by. Like any other years, this year has also been a crazy rollercoaster ride for her. It did not start off well, but it has definitely ended on a relatively good note.

Like every other year, 2017 will be a year jam-packed with challenges. It will definitely be hard, but I will conquer it and make it a year full of positive energy.

HOW? HOW? HOW? As a reminder to myself:

  1. Never give up on first try
  2. Listen to others
  3. Always question to learn more
  4. Work hard so as to be deserving
  5. Be a positive force to others
  6. Spend more time with parents
  7. Persevere
  8. Be brave
  9. Never be depress for more than three days
  10. Please. Thank you. Sorry

This is an incoherent post. Wanted to churn out this post last week but simply could not put my thoughts into words. When I look back on the year, I feel a gush of gratitude with a tinge of confusion and sadness. I guessing writing is really not my thing. Okay, gonna end it here. It’s a weird conclusion but it’s okay since the writer is weird anyway.

Have a great year ahead!




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