Apple Oneroom Goshiwon

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Sorry for late post haha! I have finally decided to get down to complete this post after receiving an inquiry email on Apple Oneroom Goshiwon.

What is goshiwon?

In layman (or non-korean) term, a goshiwon is a private dormitory. A couple of differences, between local (SG) hall and goshiwon, are that most goshiwon rooms are often individually packed with private toilet, TV and air-conditioning within that tiny tiny tiny room. Say no more to the days when you have to queue up for shower, or coax yourself to sleep in hot, sweaty nights! Not forgetting, Also, goshiwons also come with a pantry that provides free bread, eggs, bread, etc.

How did I find Apple Oneroom Goshiwon?

I googled! While finding a suitable place to stay in for my Hanyang Summer, I chanced upon this brand new term “Goshiwon” and learnt a little more about it. Further googling, brought me to Goshipages, a page which functions like airbnb albeit in a much simplified template. Plugging “Hanyang University” into the search engine brings me to a page that lists the available goshiwon near the vicinity. Apple Oneroom was the second goshiwon from the list much thanks to its prime location.

How did I book Apple Oneroom Goshiwon?

I contacted them through the goshipages website. Thereafter, I was required to transfer a deposit of 100 000won/room via ibanking. If you are intending to stay with your friends, do consider making the transfer together to avoid incurring multiple transaction fee.

My experience with Apple Oneroom Goshiwon

Haha, this is probably the section that really matters to most! If I were to rate it, I would give the overall experience a 3 out of 5. Why? Read on to find out.


Imo, the goshiwon is primely located near Hanyang University – Seoul Campus. There is two ways of getting to the campus which I named them the front and the back of the school. The front involves conquering the insanely STEEP hill that leads one first to the medical school/hospital before the cyber school and so on and so forth. On the other hand, the back involves a much flatter path to the school but can be a little quieter as it is further from the main street. Either path would take you approximately 15 minutes to the get to campus by foot. For me, decision to which path to take depended largely on which building I was heading to. Eg: if you are heading to business school which is situated relatively near the centre of the campus, the back will be better choice.

An additional point to make is that Apple Oneroom is safely situated along a two-way road and will not require one to make turns in dark alley to get to it.

Apple Oneroom Goshiwon building/room:

Apple Oneroom Goshiwon is situated within the residential area. It is approximately 3-storeys high with no lift. Do not expect anything looking luxurious because it is anything but luxurious, okay that’s my personal comment. But seriously, don’t get your hopes too high about the place because, AGAIN MY PERSONAL OPINION, the pictures offered online ain’t providing the most accurate depiction of the goshiwon. The room that I had stayed in appeared smaller than the pictures shown online. The hallway and pantry definitely did not appear the same. Nevertheless, the room did come with TV, toilet and air-conditioning as promised. Other facilities such as washing machine and daily breakfast were provided as per stated on the site. Yet another complain of mine, the shower head was really cranky and it appeared that this problem was common amongst other rooms. To make up for the cranky shower head, ehmmmm, I can only say that the aircon did performed its task and helped me sleep comfortably through the hot summer nights. Oh, and the in-room personal fridge was a plus too 🙂

Other points to note  would that no dryer was available and that the washing machine seemed to be always in-use. In the end, I hand-washed my clothes and dried them on the clothing racks available. Also, no toilet paper was provided. Bedsheets can be requested from the landlady but I don’t think she has enough for all. I brought my own bedsheets and pillow. For those who do not want to bring your own pillow, you can get one at the nearby daiso for less than 10 000won. Otherwise, you can also do some shopping for essentials at eMart at Wangsimni station.

the unpleasant check-in story

When we had arrived at the goshiwon, the manager/landlord/landlady was not in despite the fact that he had previously asked for the time of check-in. Fortunately, I had already gotten my korean sim card and hence was able to contact him via his number. He picked up and told us that he will be there swiftly to receive us. However, he did not show up in the end but an ahjumma took over the task of helping us check-in instead. I supposed  she is the landlady as she stays in the first room from the entrance of the building. She could not speak english and neither could I speak much korean. However, thanks to korean dramas and shows, I do understand some BASIC korean.  With broken english and korean, we tried to communicate but it was really difficult. First of all, this landlady seemed to have no idea of who she will be receiving and what room had the person booked. As the 450 000won rooms had ran out, I had no choice but to book the 550 000won rooms via goshipages. However, at the point of check-in, I was shocked to hear from the land lady that she was out of 550 000won rooms and only had 3 rooms that costed 600 000won each. What on earthhhh. On goshipages, it clearly reflected ONLY two types of rooms with two prices – 450 000won and 550 000won. I had also clearly asked the manager if there would be any additional charges on top of the stated rental fee and he said NO.  And now, magically,  a room that costed 600 000won APPEARED. Wow. However, at that point in time, I was more worried than angry. Reluctantly, I paid 600 000won for the room. Upon agreeing the new rental fee, the ahjumma then told us that she will need to collect an extra 30 000won as deposit for the key which is refundable upon check-out. Okay okay, this sounds reasonable. All-in-all, I paid 530 000won (+100 000won deposit via ibanking) to the landlady upon check-in. On hindsight, I could have been more clear-headed and handled the situation better but… anxiety got the better of me. 

If given a chance, would I still stay in Apple Goshiwon? My answer is yes. Its location is great with reasonable amenities for the price paid albeit the unpleasant sudden inflation (story above). Ahjumma was really friendly and put in much effort to talk to us though I barely understood what she was trying to convey haha.

That’s all that I have to say. All of the above are based on my personal experience so please do take it with a pinch of salt.

Till then ~




HANYANG Summer School ’16 GUIDE [HISS]

ANNYEONG chingus 😘

During the summer of 2016, I embarked on a short journey of a lifetime to the land of morning calm, South Korea, to attend Hanyang International Summer School.

Why HISS? 

HISS offers a wide selection of modules from arts to science and even Taekwondo classes. Compared to its counterparts, the school fee of HISS is definitely much more affordable while allowing students to take up to a maximum of 3 modules. For NUS engineering students, HISS definitely tops the list of summer schools as it allows one to map two compulsory modules EG2401 and HR2002.

When and How to Apply?

Application (for 2016) with HISS began somewhere near the start of semester 2. Do follow their FACEBOOK page to receive the most updated information.

For students of NUS, rumour has it that there is a quota of 200 students that HISS is welcoming. Do not belittle the quota! Slots were filled up quick according to my observation. To apply, simply head over to the official HISS site. Upon application, you would have to select your choice of accommodation (elaborated in the next episode). Upon submitting the application form, you would need to wait for approximately a few days to a week before the SAME application form will reflect if your application was successful. If my memory did not fail me, successful application was reflected by an updated form with a bank account/student number. To CONFIRM your attendance for the summer school, you would need to transfer the stated amount to the indicated bank account. Note: This payment will include  the cost your choice of accommodation unless you have chosen self-source accommodation. 

All of the above mentioned instructions would be made available of on the HISS site.

After your successful application with HISS, you would then need to “report” back to your own department with the necessary documents e.g module mapping. Shall not elaborate on this as I think one would be able to look up the necessary information on official NUS/department website.


There are several selections available. Here are some factors that may help you in decision-making:

  1. Comfort: single vs double
  2. Location: Walk vs Subway
  3. Cost

**Do note that the description for each accommodation by HISS may not be true to its words

Hanyang offers both single and double occupancy accommodation. Needless to say, the cost of single occupancy is definitely much higher than double occupancy. But for light-sleepers, the extra cost would worth every penny for a month of good sleep.

On-campus vs Off-campus

As HISS is expanding each year, the number of on-campus room is insufficient to meet the demands of international students which explains for the availability of off-campus dorms. The main difference that sets apart on-campus and off-campus dorm is the presence of curfew (1am – 5am). However, according to my friends, the curfew was not imposed on them during their stay.

As suggested by its name, on-campus accommodations are located within the compounds of the campus. Hence, one would be able to save on travelling costs and time. On the other hand, depending on your luck, one’s off-campus accommodation (eg URSeoul) may require you to reach the school via subway. I’m not sure if you will be able to state your preferred off-campus dorms tho. FYI, the base fare for each subway ride is 1250won (S$1.50). While being located away from HISS may make URSeoul less desirable, it remains a dream dorm given that it is really quite ATAS (ps: it has rain shower head and bidet). 

Self-sourced Accommodation

As I had wanted a single room BUT at a lower cost, I opted for self-sourced accommodation.

How did I do it? GOOGLE!!! As always, google “always” offers the best solution. Upon much googling, I came upon “goshiwon”. Goshiwon refers to a form of housing that is simple, small and cheap. For better visualisation, goshiwon is simply  like a typical school dormitory but commonly packed with an attached toilet  within its small area. Quite often, each goshiwon room also comes with a mini fridge and a TV!! YES, all the mentioned amenities for your individual use for approximately the price of 300 000won-550 000won/month!  Sounds like a great deal huh? Yes, it is indeed a good deal but one should not get their hopes up about the room because uhm… photos of some goshiwons do lie a little…  For starters, one can visit Goshistory  to have a better idea of what’s a goshiwon like. During my visit, I had stayed at Apple Oneroom Goshiwon. I will elaborate on my experience with Apple Oneroom Goshiwon in a separate post.

Back to the topic of goshiwon, a good number of goshiwons would require a deposit of approximately 100 000won/per room. After making the payment for your Hanyang school fees, I believe you would have realised the hefty service charge for overseas bank transfer. So so, if you decide to book a goshiwon along with your friends, do liaise with one another to transfer all the deposits together to avoid incurring multiple service charge.

FYI: For HISS 2016, the single room-ers were allocated to a place called Unidence which is actually a goshiwon. I did not personally visit the place but my friend said the place was quite nice 🙂 

That’s all for now! Lemme end of the blogpost with one of the nicest building in Hanyang School – School of Business.

File 11-12-16, 12 38 36 PM.jpeg

For more photos of Hanyang, stay tuned to my gallery 🙂