Suicide Bridge or Bridge of Life

Completed in 1970, the Mapo bridge connects the Mapo district with the Yeongdeungpo district in the heart of Seoul. It was first named “Seoul Bridge” though it was more commonly known as the Mapo bridge. Years later, it unfortunately earned yet another name – Suicide Bridge.

Sad to say that along the road of despair and defeat, the Suicide Bridge had perhaps became the easier path to walk. In the moment of desperation, one could perhaps forgot that the easier path offered no return path. Perhaps, they knew but pain and sorrow had completely engulfed them.

Words of apology, words of vengeance, words of gratitude … were scribbled anywhere and everywhere along the bridge. But are those words the only thing that they had left behind? I suppose the answer is no. In their path of no-return, they had unknowingly, or knowingly, pushed their loved ones into a pool of sadness. Some might have sunk while others might have pulled through the incident with forced positivity. However, the pain definitely lingered.

Life after death … Does it really offer something better? No one knows.

Thinking of suicide? Think again.

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